white-commercial-buildingA thorough building inspection before you buy a commercial property is important so you know exactly what you are buying in order to protect your investment. An inspection by Kelowna Commercial Building Inspections will help you spot the building’s faults before they become your problems. Our inspectors do a thorough job, which either meets or exceeds ASTM standards.

Commercial building inspectors have a very varied role, and the buildings that they inspect can include anything from warehouses to office buildings and restaurants.

In most cases, the inspections will be carried by teams which will include some of the best and experienced commercial building inspectors. Our commercial building inspectors have the relevant certifications that are necessary to carry out the commercial inspection job smoothly.

Apart from carrying out a thorough inspection of the exterior structure and the interiors, our company is capable of using the current technological inventions, in this context, the use of infra-red thermal imaging.

Infra-red thermal imaging is now used in the majority of commercial inspections worldwide. It is particularly useful to identify any problem existing in the electrical circuits. The cameras are also able to detect the areas of air leaks and moisture, among other leaks in the plumbing systems. All of these problems are shown up on thermal imaging cameras due to slight changes in temperature that these problems may cause. While thermal imaging is a useful tool for identification of problems that may exist, further tests and investigation will normally be required to properly diagnose the problem.

The role of our commercial building inspectors is to produce an unbiased report that details the condition of the building and any work that needs to be carried out to ensure it is safe.

The length of time that it takes for a report to be available to the clients will depend on the size of the job, but our company will provide this report within few hours after the inspection. The time needed to carry out the commercial inspections will also vary from building to building. Commercial property inspections that are very detailed or take place in an exceptionally large building may take a few days to complete.

The scope of commercial inspections for your property will depend on the requirements of the client. The clients can determine the scope of the inspection. But, they will need to ensure that the inspection meets the requirements set out by the relevant legislation.

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