Preparing for a Party? Try these 4 Tips

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Helpful information from Lake View Inspections. Here is what you’ll need! Amazing tips and tricks you can use to impress your friends, and make your party a little easier. (BPT) – It’s important not to allow the stress of entertaining large groups to become a burden. Below are four tips to help organize a kitchen and host with ease, creating a functional space for family and friends to enjoy. Plan ahead Set aside time early in the week to plan the menu, from simple appetizers to Continue Reading ...

Roof Repair: Mind the Gaps, Banish the Squirrels

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Helpful information from Lake View Inspections. Learn how to troubleshoot damages to your roof, you don’t want to reroof too soon and waste money. (BPT) – Cold can aggravate a roof issue and quickly turn minor defects into costly repair bills; in fact, the latest “Cost vs. Value” report from Remodeling Magazine estimates the average roofing replacement costs over $20,000. So, whether you’ve already noticed signs of wear on your roof or just want more “overhead” peace of Continue Reading ...

America’s finest: 6 luxury home improvement products made in the U.S.

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From your friends at Lake View Inspections. See some of the products made in the U.S. The best choice for replacement or remodeling your home. (BPT) – Peruse any home improvement media and you may get the impression you just can’t build, renovate or decorate a quality home without relying on foreign-made products like granite from Italy for countertops, cherry hardwood flooring from Brazil or textiles from India. However, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and luxury in order to buy Continue Reading ...

Upping your Laundry Room’s Wow Factor

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Article courtesy of Lake View Inspections. Here are laundry room ideas that will help create a space that’s organized, up to date and attractive enough to enjoy during laundry chore time. (BPT) – Doing the laundry is no longer relegated to dark, musty basements where no one cares to go. Thanks to modern technology, great design and access to innovative ideas online, laundry rooms have moved upstairs and come into their own. In fact, laundry rooms today are right up there with dream Continue Reading ...

10 Tips for Efficient, Effective Home Appliances

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From your friends at Lake View Inspections. Home appliances are some of the biggest energy users, but making the right choices can lead to big savings. Focusing on a few maintenance tasks can keep appliances efficient and effective. Today's typical family home is a buzzing hub of activity where meals are cooked, homework is done and family game nights are contested. In the background of it all: the home appliances that keep life moving along. Focusing on a few maintenance tasks can keep Continue Reading ...

Debunking Home Ownership Myths for Millennials

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From your friends at Lake View Inspections. Millennials regularly get a terrible rap in relation to having the ability to come up with the money for a home. Right here are some millennial myths debunked with regards to domestic buying. We've all been told, that owning a home is part of the American dream. It's the biggest and most rewarding investment many people will make in their lives. Instead of paying rent every month and having nothing to show for it, paying a monthly mortgage builds Continue Reading ...

Transform the Look and Feel of your Kitchen with an Updated Sink

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From your friends at Lake View Inspections. The kitchen is said to be the heart of the house. Infuse the kitchen interiors with gorgeous-looking fixtures and make the everyday gourmet journey even more exciting. While everyone would love a complete kitchen makeover, you can still freshen and update the look of this room by taking on smaller projects. The perfect place to start is the kitchen sink. Most people don’t realize it, but a well-chosen sink has the potential to create the Continue Reading ...

Insulation Tips: Give your Home its Own Winter Coat

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Helpful information from your friends at Lake View Inspections. When you live in a place where winters are cold and summers are hot, it’s important to have effective insulation in your home. In fall's natural progression toward hibernation and all things cozy, preparation for your house is often forgotten. Insulation for the home can seem intimidating, but don't let that stop you from digging deeper. You'll find that proper insulation is key for superior home comfort and increased energy Continue Reading ...

5 Tips to Clean your Home – And Save the Planet

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Article courtesy of Lake View Inspections. Here are some tips in cleaning your environment, your home, your future the eco-friendly way. Let's make a cleaner, greener planet. Log onto almost any news website and in just a few clicks you'll probably come across some story about the environment. Whether it involves international agreements, alternative energy sources or fuel-efficient cars, the discussion is often abstract and far removed from our everyday lives. Consumers want to know Continue Reading ...

3 Important Areas to Focus on when Winterizing your Home

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Article courtesy of Lake View Inspections. Winter is a time of cold weather and snow, here are few things that homeowners need to know to prepare their homes for winter. From the holidays to cold-weather fun like ice skating and skiing, winter promises its share of good times. Preparing your home for winter’s weather extremes can help ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment out of the season, while protecting your home’s vital systems and indoor comfort. “Winter weather can take Continue Reading ...